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Modern candidate screening and selection

Using advanced technologies, we help clients find suitable specialists and potential employees faster and more efficiently.

AIDA Recruitment specialistė besikalbanti telefonu apie darbuotojų paiešką ir įdarbinimą.

Automated candidate screening and selection process

In our candidate selection process, we leverage "TeamFill," an advanced tool that transforms job interviews. Acting as a virtual recruitment specialist, it streamlines the process, making it quick and efficient. This innovative platform offers precise evaluation of candidates' responses, allowing them to participate in interviews at their convenience.

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Meet your candidates...

72 h

...within 72 hours


We aim to deliver at least one candidate within 3 business days from receiving your initial request.

50% video format.


Half of the candidates interacting with us conduct their initial job interviews on our custom-built interview platform.

0 Eur

...for free!


Post job ads for free. We will upload your company's open positions to our website without any financial obligation.

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Candidate screening and selection in Lithuania and abroad

Automated candidate screening and selection enables us to swiftly adapt to company needs and scout for talent across the globe. Be it Vilnius, Klaipėda, Warsaw, or Dublin – we're equipped to identify the ideal candidates for businesses, both within Lithuania and internationally.

Looking for an employee?

We believe the candidate selection process should be quick and efficient.


Using technology, we conduct interviews with candidates 24/7.


Post your job listings on our site for free.


When purchasing our candidate screening and selection service, we offer the option to split the payment: the first part as an advance for advertising and administration, and the second upon the candidate's employment.


We provide a 3-month guarantee for the probationary period.



500 Eur + VAT

per successfully hired candidate



Placing an ad on our website

Ad placement on job search platforms and among partners

Review and initial screening of candidates' CVs

Introduction of at least 1 candidate within 3 business days (CV, brief description, and video interview recording)

Looking to fill more than 5 open positions?

In search of a long-term recruitment partner?

In search of a long-term recruitment partner?

Latest job postings


Senior System Administrator


4000 - 6000€

AIDA Recruitment


Technical Illustrator (Remote)

2900 - 4200€

AIDA Recruitment


Middle/Senior React Front-End Developer


2800 - 7000€

AIDA Recruitment

Job interview without a recruitment specialist: Marija's success story

Technology offers the ability to conduct video interviews and evaluate candidate competencies without the need for direct human intervention. This automated interview process is aimed at collecting initial data on work experience and expertise. Marija, applying for a role at "Port Shop," experienced a job interview platform completely new to her and successfully secured the position she wanted.

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How to prepare for an automated job interview?

Time and Location

No more restrictions on location and time! Start the automated interview whenever you're ready. Choose a suitable location for the video recording, ensure good lighting, check your connection tools, and calmly respond to the questions.


The video interview questions are standardized across all candidates for the position, tailored to the job listing's description, and are technical in nature. Therefore, there's no need to fret over the possibility of unexpected or biased questions—they simply won't arise.


Upon receiving a specially generated link via email and clicking on it, you'll immediately enter the job interview: here you can answer the questions, review your recording, and if you're not satisfied with what you see on screen – you can redo it an unlimited number of times!


Let the facts speak for themselves. During the interview, you'll gain an advantage by backing up your experience with specific examples and figures. This approach helps achieve a better evaluation, allows technological systems to understand and assess abilities, and enables the company to see your potential.


Ever waited for a response from a recruitment specialist so long you nearly forgot you applied? With the "AIDA Recruitment" platform, once you've completed your video interview, you'll receive feedback on whether you meet the requirements (as determined by algorithms) almost immediately.

'I was actively searching for jobs, sending my CV to numerous companies, but only a few bothered to respond. You were one of the first to notice and evaluate my application. I appreciated your speed and professionalism. The entire process went smoothly. The automated video interview was initially intimidating, but after completing it, I felt relieved to have conquered this stage. Your recruitment process and methods proved effective for me, and now I can confidently say that I'm happy in my new job thanks to you.'

Ligita Antoscak, Global Travel Supply Duty Free consultant

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