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Automation of candidate screening and selection process

Automated candidate screening and selection is the integration of various technological tools, systems, and algorithms into the recruitment process, eliminating the need for a recruitment specialist's presence during the interview phase.

AIDA Recruitment specialistė dirbanti su darbuotojų atrankų automatizavimo įrankiu.

How does the screening automation work?

Dealing with either an overwhelming or insufficient flow of candidates, time constraints, processing vast amounts of information, or incomplete data analysis are common challenges for recruitment specialists. Fortunately, by leveraging technological solutions, we can effectively automate the initial stages of employee screening.


The optimization of the selection process starts with a clear definition of the job description in collaboration with the employer. Our interview platform automatically crafts questions specific to the role, allowing interested candidates to easily participate in a virtual job interview and respond to questions in video format with just a few clicks.


Advanced technologies facilitate the conduct of preliminary video interviews and the evaluation of candidates' competencies without the need for direct human interaction. One of the major benefits of this technology-enhanced interview process is the flexibility it offers candidates to choose their interview location and time, eliminating the need to synchronize schedules with a recruitment specialist. Subsequently, artificial intelligence offers insights into a candidate's fit or misfit with the requirements, assessing their professional experience and answers. This approach, grounded in objective criteria, ensures a consistent evaluation of candidates and provides quick feedback.

Job posting

The creation of a job posting involves both the employer and a member of our team, with the goal of ensuring the description is coherent, appealing, and meets the company's expectations.

Job interview

While remote interviews are commonly used for screening initial candidates, an increasing number of companies are now inviting specialists to conduct automated video interviews on the "TeamFill" platform.


Members of the "AIDA Recruitment" team will take care of distributing your job posting and searching for candidates – we place advertisements on both paid and free job search platforms.

Candidate introduction

Video Interview is a unique way to swiftly introduce yourself to a potential employer and showcase your experience and skills. In fact, 50% of our candidates prefer the video format.

What does AI-based job interview look like?

A technology-based job interview is designed to collect initial information about a candidate's work experience and knowledge. Upon receiving a specially generated link via email from the recruitment company and clicking on it, you are immediately taken to the job interview environment where you need to answer questions. This type of job interview has several advantages: the interview recording can be reviewed, and if you are not satisfied with the result, the interview can be repeated an unlimited number of times. Moreover, candidates have the opportunity to choose the time and place of the job interview themselves, which does not need to be coordinated with the recruitment specialist.

Standartizuoti klausimai AIDA Recruitment .jpg

Standardized questions

Video interview questions are the same for all candidates applying for the position, aligned with the job description, and focus on technical aspects. This is unlike a recruitment specialist who might introduce bias and ask unrelated questions.

Vaizdo pokalbiai AIDA Recruitment.jpg

Video Interviews

Lights, camera, action! The video interview platform offers candidates unlimited opportunities to organize interviews according to their needs. By selecting the right time, place, lighting, and checking communication tools, all that's left is to answer questions and present the best version of yourself.

Darbo pokalbio vertinimas AIDA Recruitment.jpg

Interview Evaluation

Whether a candidate performs exceptionally well or perhaps poorly, it's immediately clear to the recruitment specialist. But what if the candidate's interview falls "in the middle"? Insights provided by artificial intelligence help understand the candidate's potential and not overlook hidden talents.

Rezultatų pateikimas AIDA Recruitment.jpg

Candidate Ranking

Efficient candidate evaluation often requires substantial effort. Artificial intelligence, through algorithms and data analysis, objectively assesses responses, ranking them based on accumulated points. This helps identify candidates with the most potential.

Looking for an employee?

We believe the recruitment process should be quick and efficient.


No initial financial commitment - we introduce candidates for free.


A success fee applies only if the candidate is hired. We offer a 3-month guarantee for the probation period.



500 Eur + VAT

per successfully hired candidate



Posting the job ad on our website

Ad placement on job search platforms and among partners

Review and initial screening of candidates' CVs

Introduction of at least 1 candidate within 3 business days (CV, brief description, and video interview recording)

Looking to fill more than 5 open positions?

In search of a long-term recruitment partner?

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