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AIDA Recruitment: candidate screening and selection

Our mission is to enhance candidate screening and selection through technology. By leveraging innovative tools, we streamline the recruitment process, ensuring a more effective match at a more attractive cost for our clients.

Žmonės besikalbantys apie kandidatų atranką ir galimybes automatizuoti personalo atrankos procesą.
AIDA Recruitment darbuotojas kalbasi telefonu apie automatizuotą darbuotojų atranką rankoje laikydamas kavos puodelį.

Our recruitment agency operates remotely, serving both Lithuania and international markets.

We aim to offer top-tier services, aligning employer needs with candidate competencies not just within Lithuania, but also beyond its borders. Operating remotely from Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda, our agency is also expanding partnerships in Mexico, India, and Asian countries.

We also operate as a temporary employment agency for project-based or fixed-term assignments.

Business needs are constantly evolving, setting new standards. In today’s job market, temporary or project-based roles are becoming increasingly popular, meaning we often function as a temporary staffing agency for fixed-term projects. Our candidate database is geared towards professionals seeking project or short-term positions, and our international experience enables us to search for talent not just in Lithuania but globally.

Our extensive network of partnerships ensures the swift selection of suitable IT professionals for short-term projects.

We have amassed international experience, sourcing specialists for our clients in Europe, Nigeria, Mexico, and other countries.

Instead of paper CVs, we present candidates through video formats.

Our vast database is specifically designed for specialists seeking short-term employment opportunities.

We provide professional oversight from our experts to ensure smooth integration of employees into both internal and external job positions for mutual benefit.

Our offer for companies in search of employees

We are pioneering a modern recruitment process, with a keen understanding of client needs and a commitment to optimizing the candidate selection process. We have developed a new automated interview platform, "TeamFill," which allows for preliminary automated interviews with candidates at any time and from any location worldwide, providing employers with quick and comprehensive analysis of candidate introductions.

More than just a CV:
  • Automated job interviews in video format

  • Standardized questions tailored to the position

  • Detailed responses from candidates

  • Automated interview service for candidates selected by the company

Efficiency and Speed:
  • Large pool of candidates

  • Automated interviews can be conducted anytime, anywhere, offering greater flexibility for candidates

  • Ability to interview an unlimited number of candidates

  • Commitment to interview candidates selected by the company within 24 hours

Detailed Insights:
  • AI-driven insights assist employers in making the best decisions

  • Unlimited data processing and analysis

  • Optimal number of selected candidates for the position

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Feedback on AIDA Recruitment from companies that have requested our services

Evelina Karaleviciene Air Hotel valdytoja.png

„This method of candidate screening has been a real discovery for me, proving its worth many times over. It especially saves time, as only candidates who have passed the initial screening are offered. Questions are formulated professionally, taking into account the nature of the work. It is also very relevant that foreign language skills are checked at the same time.“

Evelina K., Hotel Manager at "Air Hotel", Lithuania

Indrek Ott Datanor CEO.png

„Video interviews are very good way to optimize hiring process and save time. I can get real feeling about candidate suitability in 5-10minutes and have much better understanding about candidate compared to just reading CV“

Indrek Ott, CEO at Datanor, Estonia

Dovydas Jakas CEO.png

„A true innovation in recruitment. Instead of a mountain of resumes, we received pre-selected candidate presentations in video format, where we could immediately see the specialists' preparedness, professional knowledge, and motivation. We saved a lot of time in selecting the best employee.“

Dovydas Jakas, CEO at UpBeat

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