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Automated Job Interview: What Do Candidates Think About It?

The founder of AIDA Recruitment, Antanas, talks about the experience of candidates during the automated interview at the conference "DI rektorius versle"

The founder of AIDA Recruitment, Antanas, talks about the experience of candidates during the automated interview at the conference "DI rektorius versle"

Do you remember your last job interview? Most likely, the recruitment specialist coordinated the meeting time with you, discussed details via email or phone call, and then you responsibly prepared for the interview, during which you received expected and unexpected questions and then waited for that crucial response. Now, imagine this process differently: you see a job posting, click on the link, and immediately join an automated job interview conducted not by anyone else but by a virtual assistant.

While this might seem like a futuristic scenario, AIDA Recruitment has been at the forefront of this trend, enabling candidates to apply for their desired roles using the cutting-edge tool TeamFill. TeamFill is a job interview platform that acts as a virtual recruitment specialist, ensuring a fast and seamless interview process.

Upon receiving a unique link via email and clicking on it, you're instantly transported to the job interview environment. You can respond to questions and review the recording (with the recruiter's permission), and if the outcome is unsatisfactory, you can redo it as many times as needed. By recording a video interview on the platform, you receive feedback almost immediately, eliminating the need to wait for a response from the recruiter.

At the AIDA Recruitment agency, even 50% of applicants opt for the job interview platform TeamFill, so it's worth examining the significant pros and cons identified by specialists applying for coveted job positions.

Opportunity to Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Candidates who have experienced automated interviews highlight participation in the job interview at a convenient time and from anywhere worldwide as one of the key advantages. They also appreciate that interview questions are standardized for all candidates for the position and are tailored to the job posting description, making candidates feel better prepared and remaining calm during the interview, as uncomfortable or biased questions are not asked.

Viktorija, Administrator: "Video interviews are convenient because they can be done anytime, from home, and quickly. Perhaps it was a bit unusual to talk to the screen instead of a live person, but overall, I liked it."

Tomas, IT Specialist: "Everything was great. Automated interviews were also very convenient. I had to deal with it for the first time, honestly. Overall, I evaluate everything very well because you also offered an additional candidacy for another position."

Robertas, Programmer: "The recruitment process with automated interviews seemed innovative and convenient to me. It allowed me to prepare answers without feeling the pressure typical of face-to-face interviews and articulate my thoughts clearly. I think this system is very effective, especially in the initial stages of recruitment."

Dovilė, Content Writer: "Speaking of communication, I am delighted. All messages were clear, informative, and timely. It felt like the AIDA Recruitment team is very professional and cares about both client's and candidates' experiences."

Concerns about Data Security and Robots

While most candidates see an excellent opportunity to present themselves innovatively, they also identify some drawbacks: some have questions about data security, others don't want to talk to a robot, and others face challenges with questions formulated in English.

Jonas, IT Systems Maintenance Specialist: "It seems unreliable; I have had live or online interviews my whole life, which couldn't be recorded without consent. Moreover, the process of transfer and use after video recording is unclear."

How do we ensure data security? At the AIDA Recruitment agency, we thoroughly secure candidates' personal data from video interviews recorded for two years, applying high data protection standards. Our privacy policy provides more information on this. Candidates who want to delete their data earlier can contact us at

Gerda, Communication Specialist: "I think it's a very unpleasant experience, although technically, it's understandable that it may be more convenient for you. However, the camera will never show the true human presence. Also, some people have camera phobia and change during filming because of that fear. I work on the radio, so being in front of the camera is a bit easier for me. Let's not give in to robots 100%; let's keep human connections."

What alternative do we offer? Artificial intelligence only optimizes the employee recruitment process, and a human makes the final decision. In addition, candidates can always choose the traditional application method – a personal interview with a recruitment specialist.

Karolis, Store Consultant: "I didn't like that all the questions were in English; I would have preferred to answer in Lithuanian, in more detail. Foreign languages are not needed at work."

What language should you answer questions in? If the position you are applying for requires knowledge of English, then answer the interview questions in English. If it is a position that only requires Lithuanian, answer the questions in your native language, even if they are presented in English on the platform.

Monika, Manager: "I received a response from the recruitment specialist, but it accidentally went to spam. Because of that, I was late to respond and lost the opportunity to participate in the interview."

What do you do when the email goes to spam? If you haven't received an email from our recruitment specialist in any way (which rarely happens), check your spam folder. If your email has ended up there, mark it as "not spam" so that it reaches you in the correct folder in the future.

Have you read all the pros and cons and are still doubtful about preparing for an automated job interview? We extend a helping hand – useful tips await you here, and Maria's success story may inspire your future career leap.

Good luck!


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