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Finding the best professionals: flexible pricing and innovative approaches to recruitment

HR working about new technologies in recruitment

Process of finding new technologies in recruitment

Many companies in Lithuania are still inert regarding recruitment, either hiring agencies that traditionally work on a success-fee basis or shying away from technologies that can optimise manual work. However, innovations such as initial video interviews with candidates or AI analysis have been used in the labour market for a while. And so is personalised pricing, where the client pays only for certain recruitment services.

Traditionally, clients pay a success fee to the recruitment agency upon successful placement, often a percentage of the employee's annual or monthly salary. While this model can reduce client costs and risks, it may sometimes limit agencies' efficiency and ability to optimise the recruitment process. Alternatively, a flexible pricing model allows clients to pay for actual recruitment costs, enabling cost management and fostering a transparent and adaptable partnership for both parties.

Following the customer's needs

One of the main advantages of personalised recruitment pricing is that it better matches company values with the specific needs of the position they are looking to fill. Based on this strategy, an agency can design a specific selection process that aligns more with its objectives. AIDA Recruitment not only promotes the development of technology in the recruitment process but also offers pricing based on purchasing only those services that the client needs.

Antanas Giraitis, the agency head, illustrates this by describing each job search as a small marketing campaign that requires a budget and strategic steps. Well-known companies in Lithuania, such as Vinted, Kilo Health, or Microsoft, can easily attract candidates. Still, they likely face challenges coping with the high volume of enquiries and CVs.

Conversely, less well-known companies, or those only occasionally looking for employees, must invest and spend more money on publishing and distributing their advert and attracting potential talent. So, the agency pays attention to the client's challenges and can disaggregate and personalise the services – assessing where the job advert will be published, what the billboards will look like, what the advertising budget will be, and who will interview and assess candidates. For example, if traffic is low, the client can contact and coordinate the interviews with the applicants themselves, thus saving some of the cost.

Candidates on a video format

AIDA Recruitment recommends clients use the TeamFill job interviewing platform, which allows them to conduct initial automated interviews with candidates anytime and anywhere in the world. Such video interviews are designed to gather initial information about a professional's experience and knowledge and provide employers with a quick and comprehensive analysis of their presentations. Video interviewing saves time by eliminating the need to coordinate multiple live interviews and allowing employers to view pre-recorded video interviews at their convenience.

In addition, employers can ensure a fair and unbiased assessment of candidates by using a standardised interview format and questions for the position. This promotes a diverse and inclusive working environment, builds strong teams, and leads to better results. The video

interview format allows one to assess candidates' qualifications, communication skills, personality, or instant foreign language skills.

Ultimately, video interviews give employers a competitive advantage in the battle for top talent. Technology allows a large sample of candidates to be interviewed, and the insights provided by AI help to make quick decisions on the choice of professionals. By using innovative recruitment methods, clients also demonstrate their image as attractive and modern employers.

AIDA Recruitment has already conducted over a thousand automated job interviews, which means that as many as 50% of candidates have chosen the video interview format to keep pace with technology and present themselves even more effectively. We invite employers to break down entrenched recruitment practices and try technology-enhanced methods and personalised pricing to find the right people for the job.


Are you a company seeking top-tier talent? Embrace the power of AI in recruitment to elevate your hiring process.

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