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How Interview Platforms Promote Equality and Diversity at Work

Everyone can be equal and diversite at work
Everyone can be equal and diversite at work

Benefits of Video Interviews

If you've been both a candidate and a hiring manager, you likely appreciate the benefits of video interviews. These interviews provide a convenient way for specialists to introduce themselves and for organizations to get to know the person behind the resume better. Using video technologies, the recruitment process can be shortened by up to 80%, and the time to find the right specialist can be reduced by 57%.* But there’s another advantage to video interviews that often goes unnoticed – a more inclusive and diverse hiring process.

Promoting Equality and Diversity

Video recordings can be used throughout the recruitment process. From initial automated video interviews, where candidates answer pre-set questions, to traditional remote interviews – live video conversations with recruitment specialists. This helps ensure equality and diversity as all candidates have equal opportunities to present themselves and be evaluated objectively. In the final stage, when video recordings are reviewed, HR specialists can assess candidates’ responses more objectively, reducing the risk of bias.

This method opens up opportunities to meet a more diverse pool of candidates: from recent graduates who studied abroad to seasoned professionals. A candidate’s video presentation goes beyond a formal resume, helping to understand what kind of person they really are, whether they fit the company culture and values, and what added value they can bring to the company. Let’s discuss how technology-based solutions foster a more inclusive and diverse hiring process.

Consistency and Unbiased Evaluation

Consistency and unbiased candidate evaluation are crucial in the work of recruitment specialists. Professionals use question scripts, adhere strictly to phone interview rules, participate in training, and continually update their knowledge. However, even they can be hindered by preconceived notions regarding age, ethnicity, or gender. For example, it is often assumed that a factory engineer position is best suited for a middle-aged man. But is it really?

Automated video interviews ensure that the same questions are asked to all candidates, providing equal conditions for them. Achieving this result is difficult during phone interviews or face-to-face meetings, where interviewers can unconsciously make certain judgments and assumptions without even realizing it.

Automated video interviews also allow HR specialists to evaluate candidates at their own pace – without rushing or distractions. This creates space for thoughtful consideration – the recorded job interview is reviewed, evaluated, notes are taken, and informed decisions are made.

It is also important that video interviews can involve other recruitment specialists in the evaluation process. More eyes mean that the responsibility for evaluation falls on more specialists, so personal biases have less influence. Additionally, it allows for the inclusion of people in the evaluation process who could not participate in the selection process live.

Increasing Accessibility with Video Interviews

Many people have faced the inconvenient situation of having to attend job interviews during work hours or participate in them remotely. Not all candidates can attend in-person or phone interviews for various reasons – distance, tight work schedules, physical disabilities. This reduces the pool of potential specialists and worsens hiring quality.

Automated video interview platforms like "TeamFill" allow candidates to participate in interviews at a convenient time and from anywhere in the world. Using specialized software, they can access larger buttons, help menus, additional audio features, and screen reader-compatible content. Advanced video interview technologies also offer AI translation and transcription, allowing candidates to participate in the interview in the language most comfortable for them.

It is important to note that video interviews require a certain level of technical proficiency and skills. Candidates who are not technologically literate or lack proper access and internet connection may face difficulties that reduce their chances of applying for the desired position. Therefore, recruitment companies or specialists must assist candidates at this stage as well. Use a simple, intuitive platform like "TeamFill," with easily accessible features and integrated help to guide candidates smoothly through the entire selection process. Create an FAQ section on your website, answer all questions, and provide alternatives if the initial video interview fails. When candidates and organizations know what to expect, it guarantees greater inclusiveness, diversity, and equal opportunities in the selection process.

*Source: iCIMS Blog


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