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Prepare for a job interview without a recruiter: tips to gain an advantage

kandidatas atlieka technologijomis paremta interviu intervių

Preparation for a job interview anytime, from anywhere

Technology has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, from healthcare and business to culture and education. And now, it's reshaping the job market too. We're entering a new era where job postings are tailored by artificial intelligence, and interviews can be conducted without a human recruiter. This new reality is something many of us are just starting to explore. So, if you've never been part of such a job interview, it's time to learn about its benefits and how you can stand out from the crowd among other candidates.

Video Interviews vs. the CV

Modern technologies provide the opportunity to carry out initial video interviews and assess candidates' competencies without the direct involvement of a human. Such interviews aim to gather preliminary insights into your professional background and expertise. Upon receipt of a unique link via email from the recruiting company, clicking on it promptly immerses you in the interview setting: here, you respond to questions, review the recorded session, and if dissatisfied with your performance, you can restart the interview to present an improved version of yourself. And the best part? You can do this unlimited times!

TeamFill - darbo pokalbių platformos aplinka, kurioje kandiatas atsako į klausimus

A candidate doing a job interview without a recruiter: TeamFill - candidate screening and selection platform

The primary benefit of these tech-driven job interviews lies in the freedom to select your interview venue and schedule without coordinating with a recruiter. By choosing a suitable location for video recording, adjusting lighting, and ensuring a stable connection, you can focus on responding to questions. Most importantly, you'll receive guidelines beforehand, enabling thorough preparation. Furthermore, the interview questions are standardized for all candidates, aligned with the job description, and focused on technical aspects. Unlikely to human recruiters, who may introduce bias and unrelated questions, potentially causing anxiety levels.

Moreover, this is a unique way to introduce yourself to a potential employer faster and reveal your strengths. Compared to a paper resume, such a video recording will better reflect your personality, experience, and skills, which you can discuss in detail for 20-30 minutes. That's usually the duration of an interview, with up to 5 minutes allocated for one answer to a question. Antanas Giraitis, the founder of the candidate screening and selection company "AIDA Recruitment", notes that even 99% of candidates respond much faster, so a precise end time for the job interview is another huge advantage in your busy schedule.

Examples provide an advantage

The initial, technology-driven job interview aims to gather information from candidates. So, if there are dozens of people in the recruitment process, it's worth considering how to present your advantages. One of them is talking about work experience with specific examples and numbers. That helps get a better assessment, understand and evaluate skills for technological systems, and the company to see your potential.

Another significant advantage of this interview is quick feedback. Remember when you waited so long for a response from a recruiter that you almost forgot about it altogether? By recording a video interview on the "AIDA Recruitment" platform, you will receive a message about (non)compliance with requirements (algorithms) almost immediately – it will indicate what was missing when applying for the selected position and how technological program tools evaluate your answers. There is also an option to receive a recording of your interview, review, analyze, evaluate it, and, if necessary, repeat it.

Drawbacks? Although a job interview without a recruiter seems quite different at first glance, it resembles a phone call. The candidate answers the questions asked and then waits for an invitation to the next stage.

The only slight gap in technology-driven interviews is the need for more spontaneity. Candidates can only respond to the questions provided, lacking more opportunity for improvised inquiries. A. Giraitis notes that these technological gaps will undoubtedly be filled in the future. In the meantime, you can inject creativity into your responses by adding personal motivations or relevant information.

Technology-enhanced job interviews offer a unique and creative platform to showcase your personal traits, and artificial intelligence can be your ally to help you stand out in your quest for professional success.

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