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Candidate Experience in One-Way Video Interviews: Marija's Success Story

Marija, „Port Shop“ darbuotoja, mėgaujasi laisvalaukiu Nidoje

Marija, „Port Shop“ employee, enjoys her free time in Nida

One-way video interviews, where candidates record responses to preset questions without real-time interaction with an interviewer, are still relatively new in Lithuania. While these interviews offer unique advantages, they also present specific challenges for candidates. Even though many employers view technology-driven processes with skepticism, our experience shows that about 50% of candidates are open to trying this format for job interviews.

Advantages of the Job Interview Platform:

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Candidates value the opportunity to participate in interviews at their convenience, especially beneficial for those balancing various commitments or living in different time zones.

  • Reduced Stress and Improved Performance: The ability to practice and record answers when ready can lessen interview anxiety, allowing candidates to present themselves confidently and effectively.

  • Efficiency in the Selection Process: For recruiters, using interview platforms in the initial stages accelerates candidate screening, potentially speeding up the hiring process.

  • Potential for Reduced Bias: Standardizing questions for all candidates may help mitigate unconscious biases related to societal stereotypes.

Challenges of the Job Interview Platform:

  • Lack of Personal Touch: Candidates often miss the interactivity and personal connection offered by face-to-face interviews, which can hinder their ability to fully express their personalities and strengths.

  • Limited Question-Asking Opportunities: The format restricts candidates from asking spontaneous questions and gaining insights about the company culture and job specifics.

  • Technical Challenges: Some candidates might struggle with using the technology or feel uneasy speaking to a camera, impacting their performance.

  • Perception of Employer Engagement: This format could lead candidates to feel that their responses are undervalued, with a perception that recruiters are trying to save time at the expense of personal attention.

Ensuring a Positive Candidate Experience: Marija's Example

Although some candidates might find the use of job interview platforms unconventional, it's important to educate them about the benefits of this format. Thorough information about the process can reassure candidates and clarify that this method isn't a replacement for human interaction with recruiters but a more efficient use of everyone's time.

In our search for a candidate for our client Port Shop, we informed them about using the job interview platform. When Marija expressed interest in the position, we focused on:

  • Enhancing Personal Touch: We clearly communicated to Marija that the platform was just the first step in the screening process, assuring her of direct interactions with recruiters or the employer in subsequent stages.

  • Providing Clear Instructions and Expectations: Detailed guidelines were given to Marija, including tips on appropriate attire, microphone checks, and creating a professional environment for the remote interview.

  • Assistance in Finding the Right Position: We encouraged Marija to share her career aspirations, helping us to match her with the most suitable job opportunities.

Marija summed up her experience, stating, 'I believe this process is extremely beneficial for both the employer and the job seeker. From a job seeker’s perspective, it offers an excellent opportunity to present oneself in the best light and convey the necessary information accurately.'

Our approach aimed to create an engaging, supportive, and safe interview experience. Marija's successful placement and positive feedback underscore the effectiveness of this selection strategy.

In conclusion, while job interview platforms can offer significant advantages for recruiters, it's crucial to address potential drawbacks to ensure a positive experience for candidates. Wellinformed candidates can fully utilize this format's benefits to find new employment opportunities effectively.


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